In this Competitive world, where being digital has become the basic requirement for the survival in the market, where everyone is in the urge of impressing other with the most attractive and unique service he is ready to provide. In the earlier times it was very difficult to start a business, as they used to go and meet different clients, showcase their work and explain about their USP’S. But now the things have changed, all we need to do is to create the website and upload all the services and the past work done (portfolio), the audience will come automatically on their own and have a look on your website and if they like your portfolio they will call you directly. After digitalization its really very easy to make your portfolio and show your work to many people at a one time.

We can make an attractive web site where we can put our services, experiences, portfolios and a contact us section where customer can directly come and discuss about things and, we can indirectly explain how we can be a better option for them, without physical meeting and calling them.

So, here I my article I will be talking about “WHY DO WE NEED WEBSITE” for our business and Services.

  • Because its Digitalization Time:

3.2 billon people are the active user of Internet and 462.26 million people are active through mobile internet services. There are more than 1.87 Billion web sites available on the WORLD WIDE WEB TODAY. Where more than 220 million Web-sites are working for Marketing, Blogging, E-Commerce, CRS, NGO or have Individual Websites. And if you are thinking that this number is fixed, so let me tell you that this statistic changes every hour. If you have created a website for your business then your business is given the priority by the audience, as they consider that business to be the professional.   


  • 24/7 Visibility:

You can target your costumer with 24*7 visibility on the Internet. You can easily resolve the issues anywhere, anytime and that too without being present with them. This feature helps you in building and enhancing the customer relationship. As being present all the time helps your business to get the better Brand Awareness.


  • Sells Directly:

You also have the facility of directly selling the products and services by just virtually interacting with them. All you need to do is to mention the details of the products and services and you should also include then price and the ratings. You can even sell the products or services based on your target location and audience.



  • A Portfolio:

Whenever costumer need a Service, what do you think that they do first? Yes, you are thinking right, they directly search on Google and based on the attractive and informative website and ratings and feedback they choose the company. And to showcase all your previous work it will be very difficult to document it (like a paper Work).  And what I consider that it’s not only difficult but is also old fashion. Now, with the help of digitalization, you can create a web site can directly upload your portfolio on the web site with the customer feedback, which will be a lot convenient and attractive way to present the customer.


  • No worries of Payment:

Since the digitalization has started in India, the best thing that has happened is the convenient in the Banking Transactions. It has become more safe and fast. If you are creating an E- Commerce website where you are selling the products or services then it is suggested to add the Payment Gateway. This feature solves your customer banking transaction within a minute and provide a better shopping experience. And we all know that the better experience always results in the 


  • Beat your Competitor:

If you have a website, then you are always on the profitable side. Website can you more relevant customer, with high engagement and better conversion rate. And now days if suppose, audience are looking for something, then they will be searching on the net rather than going to places. So, if you have a website then there are chances that you get priority. But you must keep in mind that just creating the website can’t get you on the peek, you must make it equally informative and attractive to retain you customer. The one’s who already have the website can promote their website using Google Ads and SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).