As I explained in my previous article about the “Basics of Google Ads (Ad-words) and how it will help the business to grow. So today we will be moving forward with “What is Ad Campaign and what are the different types of Ads Campaign”.   

What is Ad Campaign?

For running the ads and showing it on the Search Engine Page, you need to firstly create the Campaign. The type of campaign you choose is basically depended on the goal for creating the advertisement. For different goals there are different campaigns, you must choose the right goal for growing your business. In my Search Engine Marketing Blog, I have already explained about the Account Structure. So I will tell you what is Ad Campaign?  Ad Campaigns are like the main heading which helps you to categorize different product or services based on different medium or based on your way of arranging the whole account. For Example, If you have 2 products and you are targeting 3 places then you can create the campaign based on the places or based on the products or based on the network or devices anything that is convenient for you to understand your Account.

The campaign type revolves around The Google Search Network and Google Display Network and the YouTube Network. These are the places where your advertisements are shown.

Types of Ad Campaigns:

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. Search with Display Network
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal App

Now we will be discussing about what are the different Goals that you can choose.

  • Sales – If you want to drive sale to your website or to your app. You can use this goal on Search, Display and Shopping Ad campaigns.


  • Leads – If you want to get leads and conversions. Conversion can be anything depending upon your business. For Example, if you have a general store then conversion for your business getting store visits. You can use this goal on Search, Display, Shopping and Video Ads Campaign.


  • Website Traffic- If you want to bring the right audience to visit the website, then you can choose this option. You can use this goal on Search, Display, Shopping and Video Ads Campaigns.



  • Product and Brand Consideration – If you want that people should be aware about your products and services then you can choose this goal. You can use this goal in Display and Video Ads Campaign.


  • Brand Awareness and Reach- If you are looking forward to build Brand Awareness and target the larger audience, then you can choose this goal. You can use this goal on Display and Video Ads Campaign.



  • App Promotion – If you have an App and your goal is to promote that App then you can choose this option. The campaign type that will be working for this goal is Universal App.


  • Without Any Goal – If you don’t have any specific goal for your business or for creating the advertisement then you can choose this option. This option is available for all the campaign.




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