As we have discussed in my previous article about “What is Ad Campaigns and How do you choose business goal? “ . So today we will be moving forward and will be discussing about “What are the types of Ad Campaigns?”

There are 6 types of Ad Campaigns

  1. Search Networking


The ads on this network will appear on the Google Search Engine Page when someone searches for the keyword that matches to your ad’s keywords. For Example, if you have an ice cream parlor then your ads will appear with the keyword searches like “Best Ice Cream Parlor”.

This network is focused towards getting clicks and calls for your business. Your campaigns will not only be shown to the local level interested audience but it will also appear to the international level interested audience.




  • You can target location.
  • You can set bids and budgets.
  • You can also target language.
  • You can also include ad extension like Phone Number, URL, Social Link etc.


  1. Display Networking


The ads on this network will appear on the Google Partnered Website and mobile devices and Apps. This will also help you to not only find the right audience at the right place and right time but also target the existing audience.

This type network helps you drive more and more relevant conversions and is helpful for building brand awareness and will also enhance your return on investment. This network will also help you to add images to increase the attractiveness and engagement to the advertisement.




  • You can also schedule your ads depending on the availability of the customer.
  • You can also analyze your results depending upon your goals and make easy changes.
  • You can also plan (in advance) as it takes time to reflect, so you can easily analyze your performance.





  1. Search Network with Display Select


The ad on this network appears on both SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as well as on the Google Partner Website. This will help you to reach out more and more number of people. This ad network type will also maintain in the same way as Search Network ads, same strategy for keyword creation and same strategy for biding.




  • You can target the audience on all the platforms, even it can be search result page or the partnered site or the display networking site.
  • You can create your ads in not only text format but can also add images and Display ad builder features and you can also create App or Digital Content Ads.
  • You can target your audience through Placements options, Remarketing lists, Site Category options and through keywords too.
  • You can use Manual and automated bidding for Search Network and create automated bidding for Display Network.


  1. Shopping Ads


The ad on this network appears on the Google Shopping List, Google partnered Website, and on the Display Network.

This ad network will help you to promote your product and services on the online platform and help you to improve your website traffic. It will also help you in getting qualified leads. All you need is to send Google about your products data with Merchant Center. This is also called Placement Shopping Ads.




  • You can target more audience and improve your CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • This ad will also help you to grab more and more of quality leads and can get you more conversions.
  • You can easily create you Retail Centric Campaign. This can help you in promoting the products and services at the niche level.
  • Creating a Shopping ad can get you a competitive advantage and can get you first movers advantage.


  1. Video Ads


The Ads on this network appears on the Google Video Content, on the YouTube and on The Google Display Network. There are types of Video Ads that you can create on YouTube like TrueView in stream ads (run before or during video on YouTube or on Display Networking Site or Gaming site or on any Apps. These are the 5 second ads that you can skip), Outstream Ads (the ads that you can only find in mobile and tablet), TrueView discovery ads (the ads that appear on the content site and if you click on the them it will take you to YouTube channel), Bumper Ads( these are the 6 seconds ads that you can’t skip).

  1. Universal App


The Ads on this network appears on Search Engine, Google Play, YouTube and Google Display Network. This will help you to promote your apps and try to make it present users hand. All you need is to add text and assets from your app’s store listings, select the language and location and select the bids. You can choose your priority for promoting your ads like, you can Focus on getting More Installs, Focus on Driving in App Actions, and In App Action Values.