In the field of digital marketing it is hard to choose a correct and the most suitable domain for your business. If your domain is not correct or it is not suitable for your business, then there is a possibility that you can’t optimally utilize the website and end up paying more for the promotions.

Here, we will be giving you some very important tips to choose your domain wisely and get the relevant traffic. So, read the blog till end.


Always Go for .com:

If you are looking forward to Purchase a domain then, you should always go for .COM. Let me tell you that if you choose this then it becomes easy to target customer worldwide and usually if you consider the visitors selection then majority of them give’s priority to .COM web site. As they consider that it is more relevant and authentic. So my personal advice is to always prefer .Com and if you are unable to get it then you can make some changes to the domain name and check.


SEO Friendly:

SEO friendly domain means that domain which is related to your services industry or your business name Example: if ‘A” is working as a digital marketing so he can choose the domain like (*THEDIGITALMARKETINGSERVICES), (*THEDIGITALMAKER, (*THEDIGITALHElPER) etc. Let me tell you that if you have a SEO friendly domain then, it becomes really convenient to grab the relevant web traffic on to your website and will also be helpful in doing your SEO. And you all are very well aware of that if you want better positioning in the SERP then you need to have a strong SEO.


Make it Easy to Type:

You should always note that your Domain should be always Short and easy to spell. Prefer not to include the numbers or a double domain like Your domain should not be lengthy one like (*thebalajitraderandmarketers) or anything of this kind. If your domain is tough to write and uses lots of character length then it is a waste domain, as it is not at all preferable for SEO and you may lack a better position in the SERP.


Don’t Copy the Domain:

In My Digital Marketing career I have come across many People who has copied other big company domain and just change the Spelling (*Digitalservicess) or use (*.com , .in , .co ). Inspite of doing this, always go for a new domain and work hard towards making it a Brand. As people will never prefer you or go to your website if they are looking for that big company, as they are the loyal customer for that company and if suppose they land to your website by mistake then they will come back in fraction of minutes and trust me this will be worse for your website ranking.


This is my personal suggestion that don’t go for any shortcuts or any unfair means to achieve a successful branded Website, it will be the best to work really hard and build the most uniquely attractive and informative website. And if suppose by chance you get the success due to that shortcut or unfair means then also trust me that it is not going to last long. It’s totally your decision to either work hard from scratch or work hard after the loss.


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Think smart.


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